Face-to-face: 7 essential tips to improve consent

Face-to-face: 7 essential tips to improve consent

Face-to-face: 7 essential tips to improve consent

GDPR will make gaining and maintaining the right to contact supporters more challenging than ever. This means that face-to-face fundraising should not only be used to drive donations, but also as a valuable method of getting consent from new supporters.

To help charities improve face-to-face consent rates, fastmap has written a new whitepaper: Collecting Consent Face-to-Face: 7 Essential Tips.

Launched on Monday during fastmap’s presentation at the IOF’s Face to Face Conference, the whitepaper was created with support and input from the IOF and Home Fundraising. The report explores how charities can effectively target, approach and track their face-to-face campaigns to improve their consent rates.

For example, the table below is taken from the whitepaper and includes information on how consent rates for different types of face-to-face fundraising compare.

The research showed that door-to-door campaigns are likely to lead to higher levels of consent than street campaigns, and that door-to-door campaigns receive above average consent rates for contact through SMS and phone.

For more information please contact Heléna Barnett-Lonergan, Head of Client Development at fastmap, or call +44 (0) 20 7242 0702.

You can download the full face-to-face whitepaper here and get more fastmap insight here.

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