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Data Protection: 11 Steps to Your Consent and Permissions
11 Steps to Your Consent and Permissions

‘Consent’ is now the new front line for marketing. The implications for every charity are far more profound than a change to a tick-box or...

Collecting Consent: 7 Essential Tips
Collecting Consent Face-to-Face: 7 Essential Tips

Face-to-face fundraising is a valuable method of getting new supporters to opt-in to receive marketing and should not just be used as a way to drive...

Guide to Maximising Legacy Fundraising Consideration

Legacy fundraising presents a huge opportunity, but is also notoriously difficult to measure. fastmap and Freestyle Marketing has put this new guide together to help...

Fundraising Media DNA

The Institute of Fundraising have teamed up with us to produce Fundraising Media DNA 2016/17, a tracker survey which looks at genetic make-up of ten...

The Complexity of Consent

fastmap has put this guide together to set out main areas of testing brands have focused on when optimising consent and permission statements. Each area...

A Guide to Optimising DRTV Creative Performance

This guide explains how a new kind of benchmark measurement can be deployed to help reduce the risk of DRTV failing. It considers the technical...

A guide to creating charity permission statements

This guide is for fundraisers who want to improve their charity’s level of consent by creating permission statements that not only comply with the law...

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