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Global Marketing Strategies and climate change
Posted by Fastmap | 20 July 2018
Global Marketing Strategies: Success through sustainability

Despite what a certain business-man-turned-leader-of-the-free-world says, climate change is happening. Its effects are shown throughout the world, from the drying of Peru’s glacial lake to...

Posted by Fastmap | 19 July 2018
Global Marketing Insights: What’s an international issue?

In global marketing, as in all types of creative testing and concept testing, you often find that people’s opinions differ. These differences need to be...

International marketing strategy
Posted by Fastmap | 12 July 2018
International Marketing Strategy – Financial affluence and wealth perception

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” – F.  Scott Fitzgerald (1926) People in the western world have...

campaign research with the team
Posted by Fastmap | 05 July 2018
Campaign Research: Insights from fastmap and The Team

Campaign research is an important part of planning your marketing. Public scrutiny can cause your campaigns to flop, but testing them in a sample audience...

brand research analysis
Posted by Fastmap | 20 June 2018
Brand Research and Insights – Do I know you?

Brand research is a rather big term that covers a lot, for example de-mystifying things such as concept testing and customer’s expectations. However, it is...

Testing Marketing Campaigns
Posted by Fastmap | 15 June 2018
Testing Marketing Campaigns – Ask Your Audience

Testing marketing campaigns will help you get your messaging and creatives right for every target audience and purpose. Good campaigns can cut deep to the...

international fundraising strategy research
Posted by Fastmap | 04 June 2018
International Fundraising Strategy: Identifying Countries Most likely to Donate

With more access to data and online panels, your international fundraising strategy can now be more donor-centric and based on real time marketing insights into...

clear skies of GDPR compliance
Posted by Fastmap | 23 May 2018
GDPR Compliance – What we’re doing

Here at fastmap, one of the key components of our research in the last couple of years has been helping organisations with their GDPR compliance,...

marketing consent research tick box
Posted by Fastmap | 22 May 2018
Marketing Consent Research: Does quantity equal quality?

Many businesses are taking steps to limit the amount of their database they are likely to lose the right to contact when asking them for...

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