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data processing under legitimate interest
Posted by Fastmap | 18 September 2018
Data Processing & Legitimate Interest: Where do charity supporters draw the line?

Post-GDPR day, many charities are still adjusting to a new approaches to data processing, and a new way of utilising data to better serve supporters...

Posted by Fastmap | 11 September 2018
How to evaluate marketing through competitor analysis and benchmarking

Peter Drucker, who many consider to be the single most important thought leader in the world of management is quoted as saying; “Being at least...

concept testing for informed marketing strategies
Posted by Fastmap | 02 September 2018
How Concept Testing Delivers Better Results, Quicker

All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others. How do you ensure that your investment in marketing strategy will deliver? What can...

legacy marketing insights for your international fundraising strategy
Posted by Fastmap | 28 August 2018
The legacy marketing opportunity of a lifetime

For many charities legacy marketing can be overlooked. However, just a small increase in legacy giving can open vast revenue streams and this becomes even...

Posted by Fastmap | 22 August 2018
Quantitative Research: How we are not as unpredictable as we think

We all like to think that we act autonomously. Our consciousness – the inner narrative that makes us feel that we are free agents in...

international legacy fundraising strategy
Posted by Fastmap | 14 August 2018
Legacy Fundraising Strategy: International motivations for legacy giving

It is easy to assume that attitudes towards legacy giving are universal, but fastmap research suggests that you should consider international differences to formulate an...

insurance marketing - free gift
Posted by Fastmap | 10 August 2018
Insurance Marketing – Vital insights to drive sales

When it comes to insurance marketing it can be difficult to make your services standout from the competition. With so many companies offering insurance cover...

marketing consent form on the right track
Posted by Fastmap | 02 August 2018
Turn on, tune in, sign up – Get your marketing consent form on the right track

What motivates consumers to sign up to brands’ CRM programs? Are these motivations reflected in your marketing consent form? And how do you ensure that...

Posted by Fastmap | 25 July 2018
Donor Fundraising: A research-based approach to donor-centricity

Recent evidence from the Institute of Fundraising (IoF)1 suggests that the paradigm of donor fundraising is shifting. 69% of charities are now stating that they...

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