Lee Witherell

targeted direct mail
4 Tips for Achieving Targeted Direct Mail Through Research

♪ Please Mister Postman, look and see. Does legitimate interest cover that letter, letter for me? ♪ Direct mail has quickly grown in importance for marketers who...

GDPR marketing data fundamentalism
GDPR Marketing – How to win consent from privacy-wary consumers

Consumer concerns over data - the biggest threat in post-GDPR marketing, or the biggest opportunity?   We’ve seen how the rise of the data fundamentalism...

concept testing for informed marketing strategies
How Concept Testing Delivers Better Results, Quicker

All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others. How do you ensure that your investment in marketing strategy will deliver? What can...

marketing consent form on the right track
Turn on, tune in, sign up – Get your marketing consent form on the right track

What motivates consumers to sign up to brands’ CRM programs? Are these motivations reflected in your marketing consent form? And how do you ensure that...

GDPR data processing should be used in a bespoke to different audience segments
GDPR and Data Processing: One size does NOT fit all

As GDPR approaches, organisations are focusing on obtaining permission from their customers to continue communicating via specific channels. However, many of these brand owners are...

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