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The Perception that Charities Need Large Legacies – Legacy Performance Analysis

If a person feels that a charity need expect large legacies, people might not give because they might mistakenly feel that their gift is not...

The Importance of Helping Stakeholders – Legacy Performance Analysis

Our research has highlighted the importance that the perception of personally benefitting from a charity has on a propensity to leave a legacy. This report...

Communicating Legacy Information – Legacy Performance Analysis

Providing informative and useful legacy marketing communications to your supporters will play a crucial role in whether they leave you a gift in their will....

DRTV creative testing guide
DR TV: A Guide to Optimising Creative Performance

Direct Response Television, or any TV ad for that matter, is an expensive endeavour, but it has huge reach and if done right, can trigger...

international marketing
International Marketing: Advertising, Privacy and the Environment

This report is based on years of researching and sharing global marketing insights. In that time we have discovered key differences between countries across the...

baby boomer legacy research
Baby Boomer Legacy Marketing Report

At fastmap we have conducted large legacy marketing research projects with some of the biggest charities across the world. We have accumulated a lot of...

outdoor media creative testing
Creative Testing Guide

Creatives are an essential part of your marketing. They can act as the visual representation of your campaign messaging, the voice of your company and...

Benchmarking: The Power of Comparison

Benchmarking helps you to better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing by giving your results context, which is why we at fastmap believe...

Legacy Potential Premier League Table 2018/19

At fastmap we have undertaken a lot of legacy fundraising research including: the barriers and motivations to legacy giving, baby boomers and the reasons why legacy givers don’t tell charities when...

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