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Legacy Competition Report 2023

Our research explores the increasingly competitive landscape for legacy gifts, and tracks changing donor behavior around legacy giving decisions. To learn more about LEGACY COMPETITION REPORT...

Unlocking Legacies

For charities and nonprofits, planned giving often represents the most significant gifts received. Yet convincing supporters to include your cause in their estate plans requires...


This year's research shows the charities with the greatest potential to create future legacy revenue. What 3 things can we learn from the success of...

Understand the Competitive Nature of Legacy Fundraising and Optimize Legacy Consideration 2023

At a time when traditional fundraising methods seem to be failing – or at least,facing substantial challenges – gifts in wills and other legacy gifts...

US Legacy Competition Index & Annual Charity Benchmark Project 2023

The US Legacy Competition Index and Annual Charity Benchmark Project present unique and bespoke charity level insights that support you in building your strongest legacy...

Legacy Potential Premier League 2022 2023 – L012

This year's research shows that the threat of global recession and economic uncertainty are starting to have an impact on legacy consideration, with a fall...

Legacy Potential Premier League 2021-2022 – L001

In this year’s research, we interviewed around 5000 charity supporters aged 50+, asking them a raft of questions relating to legacy giving. Our research over...

Legacy Potential Premier League 2019-2020 – L002

This year's release of the Legacy Potential Premier League highlights the competitive nature of the legacy market. Our research has shown that legacy consideration has...

Legacy Potential Premier League Table 2018/19 – L003

At fastmap we have undertaken a lot of legacy fundraising research including: the barriers and motivations to legacy giving, baby boomers and the reasons why legacy givers don’t tell charities when...

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