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market research

legacy rank legacy league
3 Key Insights Revealed By Our Legacy Potential League

Since the release on Monday 19th November our Legacy Potential Premier League Table 2018/19 has caused a big stir in the charity sector. It is...

Book Aid International concept testing examples
Book Aid International Case Study: Charity concept testing examples

At fastmap, we have a wealth of experience with concept testing, as well as testing marketing campaigns and campaign development. This case study is one...

targeted direct mail
4 Tips for Achieving Targeted Direct Mail Through Research

♪ Please Mister Postman, look and see. Does legitimate interest cover that letter, letter for me? ♪ Direct mail has quickly grown in importance for marketers who...

tarageted marketing through market research
4 steps for market segmentation and truly targeted marketing

Targeted marketing through market segmentation has quickly become a vital aspect of successful marketing. Targeted marketing through market segmentation has quickly become a vital aspect of...

WaterAid Improving marketing consent rates
WaterAid Case Study: Improving marketing consent rates

WaterAid are an international charity that work in over 30 countries across the world with the vital goal of providing people with clean, safe drinking...

improving database marketing
Why you should use market research to improve database marketing

Please! Database and Research you must talk! In the local cafe two people discuss the village’s future. One is a wise old man with a...

international marketing
International Marketing: Advertising, Privacy and the Environment

This report is based on years of researching and sharing global marketing insights. In that time we have discovered key differences between countries across the...

legacy research presentation at IoF legacy conference
3 key insights on why supporters don’t tell charities when they leave a legacy

Fears of being bombarded with communications prevent over 60% of supporters revealing their plans to leave a legacy On the 8th of October fastmap, Freestyle...

insurance marketing strategies
3 tips to help insurance marketers increase responses on comparison sites

In the competitive world of insurance customers have seemingly limitless access to tools that help them weigh up their options and make informed choices. Insurance...

GDPR marketing data fundamentalism
GDPR Marketing – How to win consent from privacy-wary consumers

Consumer concerns over data - the biggest threat in post-GDPR marketing, or the biggest opportunity?   We’ve seen how the rise of the data fundamentalism...

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