The Complexity of Consent

The Complexity of Consent

The introduction of GDPR is set to transform the relationship marketers have with their customers. Openness and transparency will be the name of the game. Legal sounding consent options tucked away in the terms and conditions will no longer be acceptable. The biggest challenge in consent research is the task of gaining and retaining the right to communicate with customers/donors.

Optimising consent statements (and the newly formed consent marketing) is database marketing at its purest and requires a methodical marketing brain as well as the support of compliance. It’s remarkable what some brands have achieved through undertaking an organised process of trial and error and looking for marginal gains through quantitative research.

fastmap has put this guide together to set out main areas of testing brands have focused on when optimising consent and permission statements during our quantitative research. Our comprehensive work on consent research has allowed brands to optimise their permission statements and potentially mitigate large losses in database volumes.

This guide sets out some of the main areas our clients have focused on when optimising permission statements, from creating successful post-GDPR opt in wording to optimising design and layout. Each area can have a considerable impact on both the volume of consent collected and the degree to which respondents understand what they are committing to.

Download your copy of the guide to get ideas for your strategic approach.

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