GDPR Guide Released – The Complexity of Consent

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GDPR Guide Released – The Complexity of Consent

The introduction of GDPR is set to transform the relationship marketers have with their customers. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be the task of gaining and retaining the right to communicate directly with individuals. Since transparency will be paramount, brands will no longer be able to rely on a pre-ticked box hidden away in the terms and conditions to ensure contact.

Our clients have adopted a methodological approach to optimising consent statements with marketing insights which shows that by testing even minor changes it can have a major impact upon consent. Our GDPR research has shown that a universally appropriate and optimised marketing permissions statement that works for all brands or customers simply does not exist. Therefore, marketers will need to find out what works for them and why.

This graph shows just one of the many categories of consent that some brands are attempting to collect; identifying how different age profiles react to the prospect of being profile and wealth screened. Be aware though, that such patterns are not static; with results changing based up on many factors such as language and structure. fastmap have collated their experience helping brands to optimise consent into a marketing insights guide.

Each area mentioned in this GDPR guide can have a considerable impact on both the volume of consent collected and the degree to which respondents understand what they are committing too. The guide draws upon key tests, such as:

  • Granular consent
  • Profiling
  • Structure
  • Presentation

Thus, highlighting why aspects of marketing permissions statements matter, what you should be testing when building them and how to use the marketing insights.

Please find the link below to download the guide:

Download The Complexity of Consent

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