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data fundamentalist concerned about GDPR and data protection
Posted by Fastmap | 10 May 2018
GDPR Strategy and the Dangerous Rise of Data Fundamentalism

Creating a GDPR strategy is an inescapable reality for organisations. A Google search brings a vast variety of responses – from what it is and...

GDPR data processing should be used in a bespoke to different audience segments
Posted by Fastmap | 27 April 2018
GDPR and Data Processing: One size does NOT fit all

As GDPR approaches, organisations are focusing on obtaining permission from their customers to continue communicating via specific channels. However, many of these brand owners are...

Online will writing on laptop
Posted by Fastmap | 24 April 2018
Online Will Writing – What potential legators really think

Online will writing is something the legacy fundraising and legacy marketing teams of many charities have tested, explored or at least considered. Fundraisers have many different opinions,...

Direct Mail Marketing recipient with Legitimate Interest under GDPR
Posted by Fastmap | 18 April 2018
Direct Mail Marketing and Legitimate Interest: Be Reasonable!

Too often organisations plan to take an oversimplified approach to direct mail marketing using Legitimate Interest to send post on all topics to everyone on...

GDPR legitimate interest - should you use direct mail
Posted by Fastmap | 06 April 2018
GDPR: Legitimate Interest, not for everyone

In the run up to GDPR lawyers, advisors and commentators have debated the meaning of post-GDPR Legitimate Interest when applied to direct marketing. It offers...

Legitimate Interest
Posted by Fastmap | 21 March 2018
GDPR and Data Protection: Reputation is everything

A fastmap survey to 2,000 UK adults has revealed that concerns over data use is in the top three causes that stop people donating to...

Street fundraising
Posted by Fastmap | 01 March 2018
Face-to-face: 7 essential tips to improve consent

GDPR will make gaining and maintaining the right to contact supporters more challenging than ever. This means that face-to-face fundraising should not only be used...

permissions marketing GDPR
Posted by Fastmap | 19 September 2017
GDPR Guide Released – The Complexity of Consent

The introduction of GDPR is set to transform the relationship marketers have with their customers. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be the task of gaining...

Posted by Fastmap | 19 September 2017
Consent: Not just what you say, but how you say it…

Now that people are increasingly seeing consent as a marketing challenge, people accept words and language in your statements matter – both for providing clarity...

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