baby boomer legacy research
Baby Boomer Legacy Marketing Report

At fastmap we have conducted large legacy marketing research projects with some of the biggest charities across the world. We have accumulated a lot of...

legacy research presentation at IoF legacy conference
3 key insights on why supporters don’t tell charities when they leave a legacy

Fears of being bombarded with communications prevent over 60% of supporters revealing their plans to leave a legacy On the 8th of October fastmap, Freestyle...

legacy marketing insights for your international fundraising strategy
The legacy marketing opportunity of a lifetime

For many charities legacy marketing can be overlooked. However, just a small increase in legacy giving can open vast revenue streams and this becomes even...

international legacy fundraising strategy
Legacy Fundraising Strategy: International motivations for legacy giving

It is easy to assume that attitudes towards legacy giving are universal, but fastmap research suggests that you should consider international differences to formulate an...

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