A guide to creating charity permission statements

Opt in to Charity permission statements

A guide to creating charity permission statements

With GDPR fast approaching, it has become paramount that charity permission statements are written in a way that encourages consent. This guide is for fundraisers who want to improve their charity’s level of consent by creating permission statements that not only comply with the law and guidelines, but are also created in a way that reflects the individual charity’s unique appeal and are seen by supporters as reassuring and compelling.

Consent should be not seen just as a legal requirement, but one that has important commercial implications for the cause. GDPR has made consent marketing vital to a charity’s success. If you cannot communicate with your supporters your chance of encouraging them to donate is reduced.

For more information on consent and how to optimise your permissions marketing statement’s post-GDPR opt in wording and more through quantitative research, please see our guides on ‘The Complexity of Consent’ or contact David Cole, Managing Director +44 (0) 20 7242 0702 david.cole@fastmap.com.

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